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A Naan-Traditional Pizza Recipe

15 Jan

My good friends, Shilpa and Sean, were in town for MLK weekend.  They had a flight to catch and we needed to fill their bellies quick!  So, in under an hour, we went to Trader Joe’s, picked up our ingredients (most of which we already had at home), and cooked this quick and delicious twist on pizza for dinner.  Thank you Meera Patel for the lovely idea!

*  *  *

Wanna hear a good joke about pizza? . . . Nevermind, it’s too cheesy.
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A Morning Egg-venture: Omelette

7 Jan

An omelette is a perfect way to start a Saturday or Sunday morning.  It has those vegetables you need to start the day off healthy and kids love them too!  While most people like going out for weekend brunch, I love cooking at home because I get to stay in my pajamas. 🙂  Another great thing about omelettes is that you can customize them and include/exclude veggies depending on who you are cooking for.

*  *  *

Q: What did the chef say to the waiter when the waiter dropped his breakfast dish on the floor?
A: You’re a good guy, so Omelette that one slide.
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It’s PRIzza Time: Pizza

6 Jan

Everyone’s favorite vegetable is pizza.  Around the world, pizza is an all-time favorite food but it’s not something most people would think to make from scratch (Baboli crust is not REAL pizza, people).  However, homemade pizza is truly delicious and can taste even better than eating out.  Try this quick and easy recipe for a healthy homemade alternative.

*  *  * 

Q: How do you fix a broken pizza?
A: With tomato paste!!
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