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Spinach Parmesan Balls

5 Jun

Every kid loves spaghetti with meatballs. Well, enough discrimination against the vegetarians. Now veggie kids can have spaghetti with spinach parmesan balls! These flavorful spinach parmesan balls are super easy to make and can be served as an appetizer or added to a simple pasta dish. 

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Hakka Noodles

22 May

Indo-Chinese is a popular type of cuisine in Asia. When I was volunteering at the ashram in the outskirts of Bangalore, I frequently took a bus to the main town to eat vegetarian hakka noodles. The summer of 2008 was the last time I had hakka noodles until Raman and I visited his parents last month. His mom (dolly auntie, as you all know her) made the most delicious hakka noodles ever! The dish was filled with vegetables and color, just like my Pops likes his food!

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Broccoli and Tofu in Hot Garlic Sauce

18 Jan

Broccoli is not something most sane people enjoy eating plain.  But – no one can deny the health benefits of broccoli and therefore, I was determined to find a way to make it taste good.  This recipe is great because the Asian sauces soak into the florets, enhancing the blandness and giving the florets an unbelievably delicious taste.  

*  *  *

Q: What did the Chinese chef say to the bumbling waiter?
A: Quit steppin’ on my toe, foo!
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16 Jan

The first time my boyfriend took me on a date, he took me to a cute little Mexican restaurant.  The food looked scrumptious but I barely ate anything because I was so in awe of him and everything about him.  Today, I decided to make enchiladas, re-create our first date, and actually eat this time.  🙂

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Want to hear my tortilla joke? I must warn you . . . it’s really corny.
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Pho Sho: Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup

8 Jan

When I was in law school in Seattle, I was always excited for finals week to come around.  Call me crazy, but listen first:  There was this small family-owned restaurant right across the law school called “Ginger Lime.”  When finals week came around, I’d spent countless hours in my library nook and only leave for one thing.  And no, it wasn’t a book.  It was my bowl of veggie pho.  I’d put on my snow boots, snuggle up in my winter jacket, wrap a scarf around my neck and walk down to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.  There, I’d enjoy great service and an extra large bowl of veggie pho.

After three years of going no where else but Ginger Lime for pho, I moved to San Francisco.  In San Francisco, I didn’t have the same luck.  It was near impossible to find a restaurant that offered 100% veggie pho – no chicken broth and no beef stock.  But . . . there was certainly no shortage of Asian grocery stores.  So, I learned to make my own.  

Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup is absolutely delicious and has a unique flavor compared to the standard Chinese hot & sour soup, which is what most people resort to when it comes to homemade Asian soup. Try out this recipe and I promise you won’t be let down.  It takes less than 30 minutes and I guarantee you, after you have it once, you’ll definitely make it a weekly favorite.

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A Morning Egg-venture: Omelette

7 Jan

An omelette is a perfect way to start a Saturday or Sunday morning.  It has those vegetables you need to start the day off healthy and kids love them too!  While most people like going out for weekend brunch, I love cooking at home because I get to stay in my pajamas. 🙂  Another great thing about omelettes is that you can customize them and include/exclude veggies depending on who you are cooking for.

*  *  *

Q: What did the chef say to the waiter when the waiter dropped his breakfast dish on the floor?
A: You’re a good guy, so Omelette that one slide.
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It’s PRIzza Time: Pizza

6 Jan

Everyone’s favorite vegetable is pizza.  Around the world, pizza is an all-time favorite food but it’s not something most people would think to make from scratch (Baboli crust is not REAL pizza, people).  However, homemade pizza is truly delicious and can taste even better than eating out.  Try this quick and easy recipe for a healthy homemade alternative.

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Q: How do you fix a broken pizza?
A: With tomato paste!!
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