Hi there!

Thank you for visiting RECIPRIS.  My Pops motivated me to start a food blog because I love to cook and try new things.  Also, a food blog is a great to share helpful information and tips with you!  After all, information is power, and who doesn’t like feeling powerful?

I am a vegetarian.  I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life.  I’ve never had a single taste of meat – no chicken broth, no fish sauce, no beef stock (at least that I know of).  Being vegetarian has led me to become an explorer when it comes to food and taught me to create my own flavors and veggie alternatives.  Also, I absolutely love the color of vegetables: no one can deny the beauty of a farmer’s market.  I’ve cooked for meat-eaters often and after taking the first bite, most of them can’t believe it’s purely vegetarian because it tastes that good.  So, this blog is an effort to share my tasty vegetarian RECIPRIS with all folks, not just those strange vegetarian people.

I am cost-effective.  You will notice that I use a lot of the same ingredients in my cooking, therefore not wasting food and making grocery shopping easy for you!  I also try to find affordable ingredients so you don’t have to spend a fortune on a good meal.  I include price tickets for special/brand-name ingredients in green.

I am economical.  My Pops grew up in Eldoret, Kenya with seven siblings and has always taught my sister and I the importance of not wasting food.  As such, I provide you with tips on how to not be wasteful and how to “PRISERVE.”  For example, in my omelette recipe, I suggest using the egg shells for soil and egg yolks for hair conditioner.

I am a food artist.  How many times have you heard someone say, “That looks soooo good!”  That statement drives my motivation to spend that extra five minutes after I’m done cooking.  I love making my RECIPRIS taste and look pretty.  Presentation is crucial.   In my RECIPRIS, I provide you with “PRITY IDEAS” to make your dish look as appetizing as it tastes.

I am a simple and efficient cook.  My RECIPRIS don’t involve arduous processes or require you to start preparation a day before you plan to serve it.  They say “Eat, pray, love” and not “Cook, pray, love” for a reason.  Every single one of my dishes can be made in under an hour (not including baking time where you aren’t doing anything – stop being lazy!).  You can throw together my RECIRPRIS in about the same time it would take the pizza delivery guy to get there.

If you are a baby chef, my blog is excellent for you to take those baby steps into that pretty, bright room known as “the kitchen.”  If you are an experienced chef, I hope I can share some of my personal and family secrets with you.


P.S.  Thank you to my best friend, Ramandeep Singh Gulati, for all of the beautiful pictures.  He’s so talented!  Check out Gulati Photography to see more of his amazing work.

One Response to “welcome!”

  1. zrohit January 6, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    Great start…. looking forward to more yummy recipes…

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